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JWG provides capital for turnaround and synergistic acquisitions of strong legacy consumer and media brands and companies. We focus on brands and companies that have proven value in the community and market, yet need an innovative approach to maintain and enhance their value. Deep experience in Credit, Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions allows us to enhance liquidity and allow our companies to take advantage of growth opportunities. Our principals have participated in, and led, dozens of private and public acquisitions.

JWG excels in developing strategy and has thorough experience and understanding of the opportunities that arise in challenging and complex environments. JWG Capital's in-house team takes the lead in developing a long-term vision for its portfolio companies and capturing the synergies that can be realized among them. Our unique combination of Operational and Financial expertise allows us to take a long-term view, develop appropriate Financial models and structures and then pitch in at the operational level to rebuild trusted and loved companies and brands to fit ever-evolving markets and conditions.


Operational Expertise
A proactive partner during periods of operational change, JWG is vertically integrated to rebuild and create value at the enterprise level. JWG offers more than silent oversight; JWG's in-house leaders effectively manage change at a corporate and operational level, simultaneously realizing additional efficiencies through in-house strategy development, recruiting, real estate, insurance, IT, sales and marketing, distribution, and digital and supply chain management.

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