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The JWG Capital platform is a vertically integrated private equity firm with broad operational turnaround experience and expertise. JWG is a New York-based investment firm that concentrates on direct investments in distressed businesses, with controlling interests in those businesses.

JWG focuses on the acquisition of undervalued companies where re-engineered strategy can build value, while providing returns to ownership and investors. JWG offers a unique approach that combines innovative restructuring based on years of experience, and the operational expertise necessary to innovate and rebuild. JWG management brings together a team with unique financial and operational expertise, ensuring that acquisitions are assessed, executed and portfolio companies restructured with a full suite of in-house financial, operational and strategic tools.


Challenging markets and conditions often call for restructuring companies from their foundations up. A long-term plan, flexibility, drive, financial engineering and operational savvy are all provided to our portfolio companies by JWG. The in-house team of seasoned professionals, with deep shared experience at the CEO, CFO, COO, Executive Sales and Marketing levels, including all facets of Senior Management and Finance, is dedicated to portfolio companies.

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